Sand Free Beach Towel Manufacturer

Hello everyone. Today’s unboxing and review come from Australia Bondi beach to be precise. And there is a company called Tesalate. And they are focused on making the world’s best beach town. So without further ado, here’s the unboxing. Tesalate purchase from our company, Qihai Textile.
a sand free beach towel manufacturer in china.

So as you can see, the towel I chose is far from basic. I got very excited about their designs. The one I chose is called the Alchemist. So I’d love to name and also my towel is a double towel, which means it’s good for two people. It’s twice as big, twice as fun. As some of the other things that make Tesalate a very exciting towel is that it is sand-free, which means I can take it to the beach, I can take it to the Lake, I can take it on a picnic. And no matter what kind of gravel, dirt, or sand is underneath it, it will not be going in my trunk or in my bag when I pack up and go home.

So big thanks to Tesalate. Thank you for this lovely Alchemist towel. I cannot wait to take it out and test it out in the sand. But for now, I’m very happy to have it up on my wall as a background for you guys to enjoy in future posts. Much love everyone. I hope you enjoy this unboxing and review. If you’re interested in Tesalate, check out the description below. Everything you need to know down there.

See you next time.